What has been your best or most memorable Personal Styling experience (or client) ever?
One that comes to mind recently is a Chief Culture Officer for a clity government. This was a newly created position and one that was hotly contested by the people in the city. There was much controversy on why this particular city even needed a Chief Culture Officer. This person approached me 6 weeks before she stepped into this role to tighten up her image and style along with some executive presence work. We had to pay close attention as to not take the spotlight away from the Mayor, because this client has a very dynamic personality and is well-known and highly respected in the city. We worked on creating a signature look that earned her respect in the boardroom and was media appropriate. Having her style be media ready was a high priority for her. She has been in this position since January 2020, so it has been fun to watch. She is still a client, and we are fine tuning as we see fit.

What three words would aptly describe your business?
Warmth, Sophisticated, Acceleration

How would you describe your own personal style?
Iconic, Creative, Captivating. If you follow the Universal Style system by Alyce Parsons (which I am certified in with her), I am Elegant with Dramatic, Creative and a touch of Romantic. I love mixing modern with vintage, and am quite certain I would have rocked the ’60s beehive!

What is one item in your wardrobe you can’t live without?
My eyewear! I have a collection and have even considered having my own eyewear line.

What is your best styling advice you find yourself sharing repeatedly with your clients?
Don’t let anyone or anything stifle you.

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