What has been your best or most memorable Personal Styling experience (or client) ever?
I have a client that I’ve been working with for about two years who’s experienced a lot of life changes including an extremely difficult divorce, family illnesses, personal health issues, and pursuit of a major promotion literally all at the same time. I came into her life during the height of these events and she was truly spent. Her self-esteem had nose-dived because of her divorce and as a newly single woman, she had to bear the brunt of these live changes on her own. She did, however, realize the need to finally invest in herself and trusted that I’d help her through this journey. The work that we initially did on her wardrobe signified a true pivot in her life. I remember during our first fitting appointment, she cried tears of joy because she never saw herself look so beautiful before. She harnessed this positive energy that was born from her new image and secured her promotion in just two months. This year, she also got a handle on her health issues, lost 60 pounds, and has a new boyfriend! Though we’re now states apart, we continue to work together in-person – she flies to Dallas to continue the momentum that we’ve built. She is a pinnacle example of how we help transform our clients’ lives through the work that we do.

What three words would aptly describe your business?
Professional, Accessible, and Exemplary

How would you describe your own personal style?
For the most part, my personal style is Classic, Minimalist, and a sizable twinge of Edgy. 😉

What is the best styling advice you find yourself sharing repeatedly with your clients?
Lead with fit! Nothing will ever look good on you if it doesn’t fit you well!

You attended the AICI Global Conference for the first time this year. What would you say was your biggest ‘take away’ from the event?
This event was awesome! My biggest takeaway was seeing and understanding how many layers and avenues our business can go from a service offering standpoint. You can really niche down if you like or expand your offerings by incorporating new aspects of image consulting. It was truly refreshing to interact with experts in our field and learn how they continue to grow their business while adding value to their clients.

What would you say is the classic style of Dallas and what’s your favorite way to embody it?
They don’t call Dallas ‘The Big D’ for nothing! Dallas goes big with style and it’s all about amping up your look with the unexpected! People take fun fashion risks in Dallas all the time and pull it off! I embody it mainly through my coats, shoes, and handbags – they’re a fun and easy way to add that pop of the unexpected.

Where do you see your business in 5-10 years, and what is your growth strategy for arriving there?
I see my business expanding its footprint nationwide in that time frame. My growth strategy will be centered on scaling my platform mainly through speaking. It’s really exciting to think about getting to that level!

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