Over 30 years in the Image Industry, and a member of AICI. Our Chapter is lucky to have you! What has been your greatest lesson as one of AICI’s pioneers?

In the years since I joined AICI in 1993, it has been thrilling to witness the many new dimensions that have been added to our field. Originally, image consulting was focused on clothing — color, fit and style. Soon hair styling and make-up were added to the portfolio. Then we saw some of our members branching out into new specialties such as etiquette and Feng Shui. Nowadays, many consultants build up so much credibility with their clients that they are trusted to advise on more general professional presence challenges such as communication and behavioral issues. It is always fulfilling when a client looks to you for an expanded range of service. And so I would say the most important lesson I have learned from a career in image consulting is to build and treasure the trust of your clients.

Achieving a CIM with AICI is no small feat. Can you share with our newer members and those not yet certified, the benefits of working towards and achieving a CIM?

It is, of course, a gratifying validation of one’s expertise to be certified as a master of one’s profession. But in the case of the CIM, the certification process itself is also a highly rewarding undertaking. The part that resonated most with me was the client evaluations. They reinforced my sense of contribution to their success and were often more useful than earlier feedback. In the years since earning the CIM, I have gone on to become certified in a number of other areas. Of particular value are certifications for the Platinum Rule communications model and the International Coaching Federation. I would strongly counsel newer AICI members to continue to develop their skills in whatever directions give them the greatest satisfaction.

Do you have a ‘signature color’ as part of your personal style? What is it, and how has it been impactful for you?

For my clothing, I am comfortable in a wide variety of colors, but typically add a complementary accent with a wrap or accessory. I am always careful in choosing my jewelry, and often prefer colored stones. For formal occasions, silver and gold are favorites, but I always opt for understatement. .
The signature colors of my training materials, business card and two websites are gray and burgundy. They have allowed my webpage designer many opportunities for creative versatility.

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