Meet one of our newest chapter members: Eric Ewing from Denver, Colorado. His company Ewing Advisory Group, focuses on executive coaching and consulting services from image consulting to business exit planning. We asked Eric a few questions so we can all get to know him better…

AICI: Your business offers executive coaching services. Tell us how Image consulting fits into your “Total Situational Awareness Program”?
ERIC: “The Total Situational Awareness” program gives leaders and aspiring individuals a complete 360 perspective of their gaps and opportunities. An individual’s image of themselves and how they are perceived by others is a part of that equation. I have discovered with my clients that even minor adjustments in attire, presence and style have equated to increased opportunities, effectiveness and income potential.

AICI: We don’t have many former Army intelligence officers in AICI (if any!). What skills did that career bring to the table when you decided to switch to executive consulting?
ERIC: My 23-year military career, beginning as a young U.S. Marine Infantry Sergeant and finishing as Military Intelligence Commander for a Special Forces unit, have given me invaluable insights and experience with regards to leadership, teamwork, calmness in the face of adversity, and most importantly being able to relate to people. I have had extraordinary opportunities to work with people from all walks of life, cultures and status. I’m able to relate, understand and empathize with my coaching and consulting clients and bring a unique perspective to their issues.

AICI: In your experience, what is the most common thing holding people back from achieving their goals and what advice do you give them to overcome it?
ERIC: I have found the most common things holding people back from achieving professional and personal success are (1) taking action, and (2) not having a trusted advisor who can see the things that they don’t see and offer continuous feedback. I advise my clients that vision boards should be action boards with specific action steps to achieve their visions. I have found too often that people have great ideas or visions but do not put in the work or actions to make them reality. To complement taking action is having a trusted advisor or coach that can be an accountability partner. A coach or advisor can help a client stay focused on their goals and objectives and help them avoid all the distractions, pitfalls or excuses that prevent them from achieving success. Today’s headlines are filled with successful high performers, who have fallen from grace in their respective professions in part from not receiving direct and honest feedback from someone who cares about their success. My clients don’t have that problem.