We’re going on 1 year ‘plus’ of the pandemic and industries like ours offering virtual services. What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in the past year as your business has pivoted?
The biggest lesson that I have learned this past year is to not be afraid of technology. In the past I would always be the last one to learn a new technology as it did not come easy to me. The Pandemic forced me to learn to do things like virtual color and style via zoom and learn technologies that I might still be hesitating to adopt into my business if it were not for the circumstances of last year. Now I am learning to embrace new tech and marketing avenues and I am finding that I really enjoy the virtual consultations. I just did my first video style guide and love that it is so much easier to show someone styling advice on video than trying to describe how to wear a style via the written word.

You offer skincare and makeup as part of your image consulting services. Why do you see this as a vital part of your clients’ needs?
I find that skincare and makeup has been a vital part of my process because I love to see a transformation in my clients from head to toe. Oftentimes my clients have questions on the colors of makeup that look best on them, and this leads into discussing and trying makeup during my color consultations. My ideal client is 40+ and is often concerned about changes happening to her skin, so my anti-aging skincare helps to relieve their concerns. I also love the fact that I can contact my clients even after a color, style or wardrobe consult about their skincare and makeup and we can keep in touch more frequently than we would have otherwise.

You have been in business for 21 years, and an active AICI chapter member for 5. What would you say has been your greatest benefit being a member of the Chicago Midwest Chapter?
There are so many benefits that I have received from being a part of the Chicago Midwest Chapter! I think the greatest benefit has been the opportunity to feel a part of a like-minded group. Oftentimes as image consultants and stylists, we work on our own and it can be quite lonely. It has been wonderful to be able to bounce ideas around with other consultants and learn from each other’s experience. In fact, recently, during one of our zoom sessions, I learned about an organization called H.A.R.O., (Help a Reporter Out),which lead me to the opportunity to be interviewed by a local reporter, and be on T.V. I would not have known about this organization except for one of our members mentioned it…(thank you so much Shelia!!!) This interview then led to me booking my largest package ever. I have learned so many tidbits that would have taken me years of trial and error to find out on my own. My membership is invaluable to me now

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