I love the name ‘Storyteller Stylist’. What was the inspiration behind the name of your business?

Thank you so much! The name Storyteller Stylist came to me because I am passionate about getting to know my clients and feel we all have a unique story to tell. Our wardrobe should tell our style story, it is an extension of who we are. It’s important that our style is a direct representation of our authentic self and never trying to be someone we are not. By being authentic to who we are, allows for our style story to be displayed and that is where we feel most confident and at peace. And that idea is how Storyteller Stylist was born.

Has there been a new level of creativity coming out of this year’s developments? Can you share what forms that may have taken with your business?

As a busy mom of two young girls, I understand wanting to be able to get dressed quickly without spending a ton of time in the process. I want to look stylish and put together but lack a significant amount of time to do so. I started my business based on how I can help serve busy working moms by making it as easy as possible to be styled without a ton of time on their part but still providing exceptional service to them. Therefore, I launched my business as a virtual stylist. I have been able to style women virtually from the start so when Covid-19 hit, I really didn’t have to change much at all. I was styling local fashion shows that have been put on hold, but as far as my 1:1 clients, I continue to serve the as I always have. I am continuing to expand my business with new and improved virtual offerings though as a normal growth process. I absolutely love what I do!

What has been your favorite client experience to date?

I love this question! I have a client that had very little fashion knowledge and was super excited to hire a stylist. She was constantly purchasing clothes that wasn’t serving her and would end up never wearing them. She was ready to take on a new job/career and not only wanted to look great for interviews and in the business setting but also look more together in her everyday life. I worked with her virtually and coached her on styling for her body shape, best colors for her, proportion styling specific to her, and her style personality. Once she worked through all of what I taught her, she went into a business meeting and came out texting me that she not only received several compliments from other women on her outfit but that she landed the deal! I believe her confidence shined through that day and now she is in a job she loves. She also has a ton of confidence and no longer stressed about getting dressed everyday. It’s a story that really brings tears to my eyes because it isn’t just about the clothes, it’s about the person and it’s life changing!

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