You are the only FFSF – ‘Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator’ in our chapter. Can you share with us a little bit about this title and your journey?
FFSF – Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator is a licensed certification renewed annually after completing the course. This allows you to teach, style and conduct seminars under the guidelines of Fashion Feng Shui. My personal journey started in 2014, after completion of the Inspired Feng Shui Practioner Program under Karen Rauch Carter.
Fashion Feng Shui: The Power of Dressing with Intention was created by Evana Maggiore. Originally, the title alone sparked a light in me that kept me seeking additional information. My intuitive side kicked in and I kept seeing a curly light blond-haired woman. Probably because I am a licensed Cosmetologist. I didn’t know why – so I pushed on. What I found out was that the author Evana had passed away and I couldn’t get my hands on her book anywhere! Everywhere I went the same answer kept coming up,” Her book was unavailable and doubt if there was going to be a reprint – Nowhere to be found!
After months of searching, I went online, only to come face to face with a picture of Evana – a curly light blond-haired women. Sensing this was a clue, I finally connected with Andrea Dupont who worked with Evana. She conducted the first class in Fashion Feng Shui! The rest is history!

What is it about this qualification that may be the cutting edge factor for Image Consultants?
The Power of Dressing with Intention is based using the five elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. It takes you through a series of exploratory questions identifying who you are, your beliefs, style, lines of communication, essence, bringing you to your core. It makes the consultant a better listener, because of the subtle nuances that your client may or may not be willing to share. This cutting-edge factor for an Image Consultant to have these tools in her toolbox will make you more cognizant and mindful of the way you dress. Making you more comfortable in your own shoes and yourself.

How would you describe your own Fashion Feng Shui?
I would describe myself as Metal/ Water! Here are some of my core beliefs:
1. Value excellence
2. Love to create beauty and order
3. Value independence and freedom
4. Enjoy doing your own thing

Elemental Style & Personality, “Creatively Elegant!”



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